What Is A Laminectomy?


There are many problems that happen in the spine and the back. Many people suffer every day because of these problems. People from all walks of life, from all over the globe, people like you looking for relief every day. For some of these types of issues, there are surgeries that can help fix and relieve symptoms caused by the problem. If a condition is caused by spinal stenosis, when the nerves are being compressed by the narrowing of the spinal column. There are procedures available that may relieve those symptoms for severe cases. One procedure is called a laminectomy.

A laminectomy is a procedure that is performed to help create space around the nerves by correcting the anatomical structure that pinch the nerves. The laminectomy procedure can be combined with other procedures (microdiscectomy, fusion) to help relieve symptoms. During the procedure, part of the back of the spinal column is cut away to allow access to the structures that may be compressed or pinching the nerves.

As we age, there are things that normally happen within the body. One of these things is the overgrowth of bone within the spinal canal. These are also called bone spurs and, in some people, cannot be avoided as they age. Of course, before a patient resorts to this surgery, there are other interventions that are attempted to relieve pain symptoms or restore strength in the arms or legs. Some things you might try first are physical therapy, medication, and injections. However, for some people this does not give relief. So, instead of living with pain and discomfort, a laminectomy can be performed in an effort to decompress the spinal canal and allow the nerves to be maintained freely. Any pressure on them can cause pain, discomfort, numbness and weakness.

As with any surgery, there are risks, but if you use a skilled surgeon, you will have a good chance at a good outcome. The Advanced Spine Center in Plano, TX is a place you can turn to for options. You can get the best chance at symptom relief by using a spine surgeon that is board-certified and fellowship-trained. You want someone who is on your side and is looking out for your interests and health. Advanced Spine Center offers an honest approach and provides his services that are boasted by his excellent reputation.


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