What Is A Herniated Disc?


What we call a herniated disc refers to a disk between the vertebrae that make up your spine. Also called a ruptured or slipped disk, herniated discs occur when the gelatinous insides ooze out of the exterior.

When you have this condition, it can cause pain to nearby nerves and result in discomfort in your leg or arm. Some people with this issue experience no pain at all. Most people who have a herniated disk do not need to undergo surgery to fix the issue.

The Symptoms

Most of the time, herniated disks will occur in the area of your lower back. However, you can also find them in your neck. Some of the more common symptoms of a herniated disk include the following:

Tingling or numbness: Many people experience a tingling or numbing sensation in the affected area

Weakness: The muscles in the area of the affected nerve tend to get weaker. You might experience an inability to lift up or hold things, for example

Pain in your leg or arm: If your herniated disk occurs in your back, you may feel pain in your thigh, buttocks, and calves. If it’s in your neck, you’ll feel it in your arms or shoulders. The pain may shoot through your body if you put your spine in certain positions

When to See A Doctor

If you have back or neck pain that travels all the way down your body, seek medical attention. You should also see a doctor if this pain comes with numbness or a tingling sensation.

What Are The Causes Of A Herniated Disk?

A herniated disk can usually come as a result of aging known as disk degeneration. Your spinal disks lose water as you mature. As a result, they get less pliable, which makes them more likely to rupture.

While most people can’t point to one exact cause of their herniated disk, lifting up a heavy object with your back instead of your thighs and legs can cause this issue in some people.

Where Should I Go To Treat My Herniated Disc?

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