What Is A Micro Endoscopic Discectomy?


A Guide on the Micro Endoscopic Discectomy Procedure

Blunt force or any other form of trauma may cause your spine to rupture. Notably, the herniated disc on your lower back will press on the nerve root and cause tremendous pain. A specialist will recommend micro endoscopic discectomy for treatment. This remedy is a minimally invasive operation that will relieve pain in all affected areas. The procedure is not complicated as it can be done in one day.

Step by Step Processes

As the patient, you will be taken to the operating room and given general anesthesia. Some patients may prefer local anesthesia, which keeps them awake during the procedure. Since the operation is happening at the back, you will be placed on your abdomen. The area of activity will be prepared by sterilizing it. Before beginning the procedure, all the instruments and tools are placed nearby.

The doctor will stand in front of a monitor that guides him throughout the operation. The first thing is to confirm the disc space using the fluoroscope. The device provides a real-time x-ray visual. After locating the disc space, the doctor makes an incision on your back. The doctor uses some dilators to split the muscle as opposed to separating it from the bone.

The separation creates an opening that facilitates the procedures. A retractor is placed in the opening to remove the dilators. Due to the nature of this procedure, your doctor uses special vision glasses that can give optimal focus during the operation. Some doctors may even include a surgical microscope to magnify tissue sizes. The majority use an endoscope, and hence, the name of the procedure becomes micro endoscopic discectomy.

Through the endoscope, the doctor can efficiently continue with the procedure. The equipment can see the bony cover, which is removed to give access to the nerve. That is when the nerve is safely moved away. The other nerves are grouped together and allowed to float in the spinal fluid. When the doctor reaches the ruptured disc, significant care is required. A retractor may be placed below the yellow ligament. The doctor works on the ruptured disc as needed.

As the retractor and other tools are removed, antibiotics are used to irrigate the wound. Some areas will require stitches to enhance healing and return tissues together. These stitches will heal along with the tissues and become part of the body – no need to remove them. The wound on your back can be covered with a loose bandage. After a few hours of resting, you can go home to fully recover.

Among the numerous benefits of micro endoscopic discectomy are minimal blood loss. Only a small incision is made on your back that leaves a small scar. After the operation, your spine regains stability because the doctor has removed the ruptured part. The recovery period is also significantly shorter than for open surgery patients. The procedure only requires one day, and you go home the same day. Micro endoscopic Discectomy is a safe procedure that has proven useful numerous times.

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