Spine Conditions Treated at The Advanced Spine Center

If you experience back pain for any amount of time, you know just how debilitating it can be. If your back hurts, then it makes everything hard and painful to do making life unenjoyable. The spine is the basis of the whole body and is what keeps us up and moving, but it is also incredibly fragile and there is so much that can easily happen to damage your spine. Below is a list of the spine conditions you may live with that can be treated at the Advanced Spine Center in Plano TX.

Cervical Rediculopathy
This is a condition where the nerve roots in the cervical spine get compressed due to things like a herniated disk happening or rupturing. It can cause tingling, weakness, and pain all the way through the shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers.

Degenerative Disc Disease
This is one of the Spine Conditions that cause the vertebral discs to weaken and no longer act as a cushion between each vertebra. It usually starts to happen when the disc wall has a small tear that heals and creates scar tissue that is weaker than it was before torn, and it gets weaker if/when you tear the wall over and over again. You may have this condition if you have pain, numbness, and even tingling in your legs with the pain getting more severe when you bend, twist, or sit as those movements put more pressure on the spine.

Facet-joint syndrome
If you have this condition, then that means your facet joints, which are there to help stabilize your spine, start to deteriorate. It can happen due to the everyday stress that our backs endure and it can cause pain in the neck, upper shoulders, upper back, middle back, headaches, lower back, and buttocks area.

Other conditions treated here:
Other conditions that are often treated at the advanced spine center in Plant TX are herniated discs, sciatica, sacroiliac joint pain, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, and spondylosis.

Non-surgical treatment options:
The doctors at the spinal center in Plano TX will do their best to assess and treat your back condition without having to invade your body and cut into you to do it. They have several options to start with that are non-invasive and have shown a lot of success in previous years. Below is a list of the non-surgical procedures that they offer at the center:
Epidural steroid injections
facet joint injections
lumbar steroid shots, with and without contrast
medial branch block
cervical medial branch block
radiofrequency neurotomy of the cervical and lumbar facets
sacroiliac injections

Surgical treatment options:
If the doctors at the spinal center attempted to do everything, they could without doing a surgery but to no avail, then the next step would be to get surgery. Below are the surgical procedures done at the center to cure your spinal issues:
Lumbar Disc Microsurgery
Micro Discectomy
Lumbar Microdecompression
Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion.

If you are experiencing back pain, you do not have to live with it and be miserable. There are treatment options out there that are meant to help you and get you back to living a normal, pain-free life.


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