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If you suffer from chronic pain or severe pain in your lower back, you may be severely restricted in your daily life. Luckily, a lumbar epidural steroid injection can provide pain relief for a wide variety of conditions and symptoms. Dr. Courtney at the Advanced Spine Center is a highly skilled Frisco orthopedic spine surgeon offering surgical and nonsurgical treatment options.

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What Are Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections?

lumbar epidural steroid injection frisco

Lumbar epidural steroid injections, commonly called lumbar injections, are a minimally invasive medical procedure used to alleviate chronic lower back pain. This treatment involves injecting a corticosteroid medication directly into the epidural space of the lumbar spine. This space surrounds the spinal cord and contains cerebrospinal fluid, providing a cushion for the delicate neural structures.

Lumbar injections have gained popularity as a valuable tool in the management of various spinal conditions, offering significant pain relief to patients who have exhausted other non-surgical options. These injections typically target inflamed spinal nerves that cause pain for patients.

How Does a Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection Work?

The principle behind lumbar epidural steroid injections is their ability to reduce inflammation and relieve pain in and around the spinal cord. Inflammation often contributes to lower back pain by compressing spinal nerve roots or irritating surrounding tissues. By injecting a corticosteroid, which possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties, into the epidural space, providers can target the source of pain and inflammation directly.

In addition to the corticosteroid, a lumbar injection may also contain a local anesthetic, which offers immediate pain relief. This combination serves a dual purpose: while the corticosteroid reduces inflammation in the long term, the anesthetic provides quick but temporary relief. The relief from the anesthetic allows patients to experience immediate benefits while waiting for the corticosteroid to take full effect.

When Do We Recommend Lumbar Injections?

lumbar epidural steroid injection

Lumbar injections are typically recommended when nonsurgical treatments, such as physical therapy, medication, or lifestyle changes, have failed to relieve lower back pain adequately. Common symptoms that prompt injection recommendations include axial low back pain, radiating leg pain, and general lumbar spinal pain.

Physicians may also consider this option for patients who wish to avoid surgery or those who are not suitable candidates for surgical interventions. However, the decision to undergo lumbar injections should always be made after a thorough evaluation by a healthcare professional.

What Conditions Are Lumbar Injections Used to Treat?

Lumbar epidural steroid injections are a versatile treatment option for managing many lumbar spine conditions. Some of the most common conditions treated with lumbar injections include the following.

  • Lumbar herniated discs: Lumbar injections can help alleviate the pain and inflammation associated with herniated discs by reducing pressure on the affected nerves.
  • Spinal stenosis: Patients with spinal stenosis, a condition characterized by the narrowing of the spinal canal, can find relief through lumbar injections, as they help reduce inflammation and improve mobility.
  • Sciatica: Lumbar injections are often recommended for individuals suffering from sciatica (lumbar radiculopathy), as they target the inflammation of the sciatic nerve, relieving pain and discomfort.
  • Spondylolisthesis: This condition, where one vertebra slips forward over another, can be treated with lumbar injections to manage pain and inflammation.
  • Degenerative disc disease: Lumbar injections can mitigate the symptoms of degenerative disc disease by reducing inflammation and pain in the affected area.
  • Facet joint arthritis: For patients with arthritis in the facet joints of the spine, facet joint injections, a specific type of lumbar injection, can provide targeted relief.
  • Failed back surgery syndrome: Lumbar injections can help manage persistent pain in patients who have previously undergone back surgery.

Who Performs Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections in Frisco?

Lumbar epidural steroid injections should only be performed by qualified medical professionals with specialized training in interventional pain management. In Frisco, as in many other locations, this procedure is typically administered by:

  • Interventional pain management specialists: These physicians have expertise in diagnosing and treating chronic pain conditions, and they are skilled in performing lumbar injections.
  • Anesthesiologists: Some anesthesiologists specialize in pain management and are well-equipped to provide lumbar injections.
  • Orthopedic spine surgeons: Orthopedic surgeons may perform lumbar injections as part of their comprehensive approach to spine care.

It is essential to choose a healthcare provider with experience in lumbar injections to ensure the procedure is performed safely and effectively.

What Types of Lumbar Injections Do We Offer?

frisco lumbar injections

In Frisco, a variety of lumbar injections are available to cater to the specific needs of each patient. These injections may contain a steroid medication, local anesthetic, or other pain relief medication. At the Advanced Spine Center, we offer the following types of lumbar epidural steroid injections.

Facet joint injections target the small joints located between the vertebrae of the spine surrounding the spinal cord. These injections can provide relief for conditions like facet joint arthritis and spinal stenosis.

A lumbar epidural injection is administered into the epidural space surrounding the spinal cord. They are effective in treating a wide range of spinal conditions.

Lumbar transforaminal epidural steroid injections are similar to the standard lumbar epidural injections, but the medication is directed to a specific nerve root by injecting it into the neural foramen. This precise targeting can be beneficial for conditions like sciatica.

Medial branch blocks involve injecting a local anesthetic near the medial branch spinal nerves that transmit pain signals from the facet joints. They are often used to diagnose and treat facet joint pain.

Sacroiliac joint injections target the sacroiliac joint, which connects the sacrum to the pelvis at the bottom of the spinal column. These injections can alleviate chronic low back pain arising from sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Caudal epidural steroid injections are administered through the sacral canal into the epidural space. They can provide relief for conditions affecting the lower lumbar spine.

The choice of injection type depends on the patient’s specific diagnosis and needs, which will be determined through a comprehensive evaluation by a healthcare provider.

How Do I Prepare for a Lumbar Injection?

Preparing for a lumbar injection involves several steps to ensure a safe and successful procedure.

  • Consultation: You will initially meet with a healthcare provider for a thorough evaluation. During this consultation, discuss any medications you are taking, allergies, and medical conditions.
  • Review medications: Some medications, like blood thinners, may need to be adjusted or temporarily discontinued before the procedure to reduce the risk of bleeding.
  • Fasting: You may be asked to fast for a few hours before the injection, typically for six to eight hours before the procedure. This reduces the risk of nausea and vomiting.
  • Arrangements: Arrange for someone to drive you home after the injection, as you may experience temporary numbness or weakness in your legs, making it unsafe to drive immediately afterward.
  • Wear comfortable clothing: Dress in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to ensure you can move freely during the procedure.
  • Ask questions: Don’t hesitate to ask your healthcare provider any questions or express any concerns you may have about the procedure.

Proper preparation is crucial to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the lumbar injection.

What Is the Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection Procedure?

lumbar spine injections frisco

The lumbar epidural steroid injection procedure typically follows these steps:

  • Positioning: You will be asked to lie face down on an examination table. Your doctor will clean and sterilize the injection site.
  • Local anesthetic: A local anesthetic will be applied to numb the skin and underlying tissues, reducing any discomfort during the injection.
  • Needle insertion: Under fluoroscopy (real-time X-ray guidance), the healthcare provider will insert a thin needle through the skin and into the epidural space in the lumbar spine. The fluoroscope ensures precise placement of the epidural needle.
  • Medication injection: The corticosteroid medication, along with the anesthetic if used, will be injected into the epidural space.
  • Monitoring: You will be monitored for a short time to ensure there are no complications or adverse reactions.

The entire procedure usually takes less than 30 minutes, and you can usually go home on the same day.

What Are the Risks and Complications of Lumbar Injections?

While lumbar epidural steroid injections are generally considered safe, there are some potential risks and complications to be aware of.

  • Infection: There is a small risk of infection at the injection site, which can usually be prevented with proper sterilization techniques.
  • Bleeding: In rare cases, bleeding may occur at the injection site or inside the epidural space.
  • Nerve damage: Although uncommon, damage to the spinal nerves or nearby structures can occur during the procedure.
  • Allergic reaction: Allergic reactions to the medications used in the injection are possible, but extremely rare.
  • Temporary side effects: You may experience temporary side effects, such as increased pain, numbness, or leg weakness. These typically resolve within a few hours.
  • Elevated blood sugar: Corticosteroids can temporarily elevate blood sugar levels in individuals with diabetes.

It’s essential to discuss these risks with your healthcare provider before the procedure and to follow any post-injection instructions carefully to minimize serious complications.

What Is the Lumbar Injections Recovery Process?

The recovery process after a lumbar injection is generally straightforward. Here are some post-procedure guidelines to follow.

  • Rest: Rest for the remainder of the day following the injection. Avoid strenuous activities, heavy lifting, and prolonged sitting.
  • Hydration: Stay hydrated to help flush out any residual medications from your system.
  • Pain management: You may experience soreness at the injection site or mild discomfort in your lower back. Over-the-counter pain medications can be used to manage this pain. However, many patients feel immediate pain relief from the local anesthetic.
  • Activity graduation: Gradually resume your normal activities over the next few days, but avoid vigorous exercise or activities that could strain your lower back.
  • Monitoring: Pay attention to any changes in your symptoms and report them to your healthcare provider.
  • Follow-up: Attend any scheduled follow-up appointments to evaluate the effectiveness of the injection and discuss further treatment options if necessary.

How Long Does It Take for Lumbar Injections to Work?

The time it takes for lumbar epidural steroid injections to provide noticeable relief can vary from person to person. Some individuals may experience immediate relief due to the anesthetic component of the injection, while others may take a few days to a week to feel the full effects of the corticosteroid. In some cases, a series of injections may be necessary to achieve optimal pain relief.

How Long Do Lumbar Epidural Injections Last?

lumbar epidural corticosteroid injections frisco

The duration of pain relief from a lumbar epidural steroid injection can also vary. Some patients experience relief for several weeks, while others may enjoy relief for several months. The effectiveness and longevity of the injections can depend on factors such as the underlying condition being treated and individual responses to the medication. It’s essential to communicate with your healthcare provider to determine the appropriate timing for follow-up injections or alternative treatments if needed.

What Is the Overall Success Rate of Lumbar Epidural Corticosteroid Injections?

The success rate of epidural steroid injections is generally favorable. Many patients experience significant pain relief, improved mobility, and an enhanced quality of life after the procedure. However, the degree of success can vary depending on the condition being treated, the patient’s overall health, and other individual factors.

It’s important to note that lumbar injections are not a cure for underlying spinal conditions, but rather a valuable tool for managing pain and inflammation. The success of the treatment often hinges on a combination of factors, including proper diagnosis, appropriate patient selection, and the skill of the healthcare provider performing the procedure.

Call the Advanced Spine Center for Lumbar Injections in Frisco, TX

Lumbar epidural injections offer a non-surgical option for individuals with chronic lumbar spine pain due to various spinal conditions. By targeting inflammation and providing pain relief, these injections can significantly improve the quality of life for many patients in Frisco and beyond. However, it is crucial to consult with a qualified healthcare provider to determine if lumbar injections are the right treatment option for your specific condition.

To learn more about whether lumbar epidural corticosteroid injections are right for you, call the Advanced Spine Center today at 972-499-5457.


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